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How to link an account? +

We link accounts to your Google data or Facebook.

What makes us better than our competitors? +

We are the best team in the world, working in all markets at once. Unlike our competitors, you will not find any negative reviews about us, and our accounts do not get banned! We offer the best price and quality of our product. We work with the most top YouTube bloggers.

Can I use an escrow service? +

You can trust us, our reviews and endorsements from the best YouTube bloggers speak for us. But if you want to use an escrow service, we will be happy to conduct a deal through any well-known escrow service! Alternatively, you can conduct a deal with us on FunPay, where we have many positive reviews and not a single negative one!

What has been done on the account? +

Only levels 1-8 have been completed on the account, and it is at level 2-4. Some rewards have been collected for logging in, and there are many resources on all accounts.

Can I play from another device? +

The accounts are multi-platform, which means that you can play on Android, IOS, and PC via an Android emulator.

Can the account be banned or rolled back? +

We use a high degree of security, unlike competitors on the market. Accounts are created personally by us, and they have no owner, you will be the first. We guarantee account security if: You do not write in the chat and talk about buying an account. You do not pass on your data to others. You do not write to the game support. By following these simple rules, your account will never be banned - we guarantee it!

Return/Exchange +

As we sell digital products, we do not accept any returns. This means that you agree to our return policy. Replacement or refund will be provided only if the purchased item does not match the description.